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About SurveyGarden

SurveyGarden is one of the survey hosting site for market research. It offers companies and other market research agencies the chance to have specialist and advanced questionnaires and surveys hosted on-line. We can host a questionnaire that you have designed, or provide ready-to-use questionnaires for common market research surveys.

Alternatively for specialist projects, or where you need external expertise, or where you want to use advanced research techniques such as conjoint analysis, you can contact who use SurveyGarden to host custom-made and bespoke surveys including on-line conjoint, trade-offs and bespoke elicitation exercises, non-linear questionnaires, and other types (see our live demonstration)

Frequently asked questions

When would I use an off-the-shelf questionnaire?

Much volume market research is fairly standardised in format and structure, only the specific details of the company or the product elements change. For instance standard question types such as "Overall how satisfied would you say you are with...?". By tailoring each ready-to-use questionnaire using our Questionnaire Wizard you get the details right, but in a standard format allowing you to build your own survey on-line. (You can download our off-line Questionnaire Wizard for paper-based surveys)

When do I need to use an expert?

The need to use an expert depends on your experience and expertise and the type of project you want to carry out. Simple surveys where you contact all your customers with a ready-to-use questionnaire can be run by anyone. Some care is needed to watch for the number of responses in analysis, but the guide can help here.

For more complex projects where original thought is needed at the design stage, or where specialist techniques are needed such as conjoint analysis, or where the analysis or sampling issues are more complex you should contact who have a great deal of expertise if you need something that is not run-of-the-mill.

What do I need to know about sampling?

On-line surveys are best carried out where you already have contact information for the people you wish to survey and where those people are regularly on-line. In some markets, like B2B, you can use your own lists. In other areas you may need access to consumer panels. In situations where you have phone numbers, or where response rates are low, phone plus web (WATI) type surveys may be best.

Can you provide sample?

We can source sample for you, and can arrange access to online panels from a wide variety of third party suppliers.

Do I need to provide incentives?

This depends on the people you want to survey. For B2B companies surveying your own customers, an incentive may well not be necessary because people will help out someone they know well. If you are more remote from your customers (eg mail order), an incentive may be necessary.

Do you do pop-up surveys?

SurveyGarden can be used for pop-up surveys. You will need to include some specific code in the website that you wish to use.

Where do I begin?

At this stage you need to email us with details of your survey and we will come back to you with a price and details of how to get onto SurveyGarden.

Consumer survey demonstration
Online adaptive conjoint analysis demonstration
On-line pre-testing of advertising demonstration